About Starair Consulting

Starair Consulting is a pioneering consulting organization in India. It is involved in creating a co-operative network of small aircraft operators, catering to the diverse infrastructure needs of the regional centers in India.

Starair proposes provide air services to tourism destinations, remote an inaccessible areas in the country. We handle diverse projects in Aviation Domestic and International Airlines, Helicopter Operations, Training, Aircraft Charters, and Airport Infrastructure, Cargo Airlines Operations. Our expertise includes Fleet Maintenance, Streamlining of Operations, Feasibility Studies, Leasing & Financing, IPO Management and also projects in Tourism/Hospitality Industry.

Our talented team employs a client-focused approach that will identify opportunity and entrance overall performance. The quality of our experts enables Starair to provide strategic, financial, administrative, regulatory, technical, and operational support to mitigate risk factors and would help to mitigate the risk factors and would help to bring down the overhead cost to make the airlines competitive and profitable.

Starair Consulting specializes in services to small to medium and start–up airlines. We also offer these services to Aircraft Charter Companies, Fixed Base Operators (FBO’S) and other Aviation Companies.

The opportunities in India are multiplying – deregulation and economic growth are fueling rapid increases in passenger and freight traffic accompanied by the entry of start – up carriers including low cost airline and airport privatization.

Our strategic consulting and advisory services are unique due to vast expertise in different aspects of aviation. The organization also has the resources to conduct research studies for clients in areas such as demand estimation, traffic forecasts, route analysis and market feasibility.


Proven credentials in setting up India’s #1 Regional Scheduled Airlines in India in a record time of 11 months

Carried out market survey in 18 States of India covering nearly 70% of Aviation market in India.

Obtained Type Rating Approval of BAE Avro RJ series of Aircraft.

Obtained No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for 3 Scheduled Airlines and 5 Non-Scheduled Airlines Project.

Obtained approval for documentation and organization for AOC of 2 Airlines Project.

Assisted in finalizing Purchase/Lease of over 27 Aircraft /Helicopters.

Prepared 12 Techno-economic Feasibility Reports to assess the viability for setting up
All-India and Regional Airlines Projects,
Flying Academy,
MRO and
Cargo Airlines