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Shubhpuja.com is a unique science & technology based platform for providing authentic Vedic services such as Vedic pujas, Astrology, Numerology, Vastu consultation, Palmistry through educated and qualified professionals.

It is the first exclusive digital platform for Vedic pujas and mantra healing through educated and qualified professionals.

Shubhpuja.com pioneered the concept of religious e-commerce category worldwide and are currently #1 in Puja industry.

With our pioneering concept you can call a pandit, book a puja or consult an astrologer in a hassle free manner. Shubhpuja is scientifically revolutionizing the ancient Indian spiritual practices by creating a platform to make people aware about the science and facts behind Vedic practices.


Shubhpuja Airlines

Shubhpuja Airlines, a national airline is launching soon and will have multiple city airlines operators (Franchise operators) as part of its network. It will operate a fleet of smaller aircrafts (20-50 seater) depending on the market potential and airport infrastructure.

Shubhpuja Airlines (national carrier) will provide
Aircraft on lease and aircrafts on standby
Government approvals
MRO services and trained technical manpower
Marketing and reservationsset-up

Franchise owners will
Operate as part of franchise of Shubhpuja Airlines
Register their own airlines
Be individual operators in their city/region
Use these aircrafts for Charters in their region (medical evacuation, VIP travel)