We have industry experience and an extensive network of experts and associates to provide our client timely services that are only one call or click away.
We provide host of services under one umbrella, meeting the complete requirements of the clients. We blend expertise and experience with need of fast changing aviations environment in Indian and the world.

Starair proposes provide air services to tourism destinations, remote an inaccessible areas in the country. We handle diverse projects in Aviation Domestic and International Airlines, Helicopter Operations, Training, Aircraft Charters, and Airport Infrastructure, Cargo Airlines Operations. Our expertise includes Fleet Maintenance, Streamlining of Operations, Feasibility Studies, Leasing & Financing, IPO Management and also projects in Tourism/Hospitality Industry.

Email us at director@starairconsulting.com

Starair Consulting is only turnkey consultancy, which provides host of Technical, and Commercial services under one umbrella

Starair Consulting ensures that no wasteful expenditure is incurred by the client. In fact 3 to 4 months prior to start an operation, very little expenses are incurred by organization

This is the only organization, which works on guaranteed performance parameters

With the specialized knowledge of industry, markets & regulatory mechanism the start up promoters do not require any lead time in understanding the nature of industry & save lot of start up time and exploratory cost